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Diaghilev & the Ballets Russes Magazine Special

V&A Exhibition
Diaghilev and the Golden Age of the Ballets Russes
Jann Parry at the V&A exhibition we've all been longing to see - can it possibly meet all our expectations?

‘Tamara Karsavina
 Diaghilev’s Ballerina’

Jane Pritchard reviews Andrew Foster's opus on a great dancer and one of the great beauties of the stage - 'an important and delightful book...'

Reflections on the Early Ballets Russes
London's BFI (British film Institute) has had a season of Ballets Russes films. Jane Simpson sees a couple of classic BBC Omnibus specials about Diaghilev and Les Sylphides.

Millicent Hodson and Kenneth Archer
Le Chant du Rossignol

Bruce Marriott sees a rare pubic screening of a documentary about a lost Ballet Russes work and Hodson & Archer's meticulous reconstruction of it. They even answered questions...

Discuss Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes Events

From last months magazine...

Indroduction to the V&A Exhibition

Jane Pritchard interview - the exhibitions curator

International Reviews

Australian Reviews

Ballet Nacional de Cuba

'Don Quixote': Valerie Lawson

"In Don Quixote, Valdes's balances are phenomenal, particularly when she moves from attitude, to retire, through to develope devant, all without any help from her partner. Like Alina Cojacaru, she wears Gaynor Minden pointe shoes with those chunky boxes that help her balance for what seems likes minutes. Right to the end, Valdes pulls off the tricks..."

USA Reviews

New York City Ballet

'Danses Concertantes' bill: Eric Taub

"(on Danses Concertantes) These days, the designs of the mid-century genius, Eugene Berman, are best known for their untimely ends: his eccentric Giselle and sublime Romeo and Juliet for American Ballet Theatre were lost in warehouse fires. To see Berman's work recreated is a thrill, especially these retro-avante-garde ones, whose bright, saturated colors suggest the future..."

'Namouna - a Grand Divertissement, Four Seasons' bill: Eric Taub

"...last Friday she (Whelan) danced full-out (in Namouna), as if by sheer willpower she'd turned her clock back ten years. Once again she showed us why she's one of the world's greatest dancers, and that crazy, incongruous kiss she planted on Angle at the curtain could just as well have been meant for each of us in her audience."

'NYCB Opening Night': CatherineC

"On a night dedicated to principals, the company looked in great form as we were reminded of the strength in breadth among their top tier. Janie Taylor, making a welcome return and her NY debut as the waltz girl in Serenade, was as ghostly-crazy as ever, flinging herself into the choreography with her combination of passion and pathos."

Carolina Ballet

'Firebird' bill: Ami Shah

"The Carolina Ballet opened its 2010-2011 season with a distinctly varied mixed bill in Raleigh's Fletcher Opera Theater. Anchored by the fantastically designed Firebird, the company once again displayed its stylistic range and depth of young talent."

Zhukov Dance Theatre

'Project 3: Shared and Divided, Cinematic': Renee Renouf

"Six individualistic dancers with prodigious skills comprised the casting for the two pieces Zhukov created for his third season of Zhukov Dance Theatre. I saw the second night of Project 3 September 17 and was blown away by the individual caliber yet collective cohesiveness of the half dozen young artists."

Russian Reviews

Mariinsky Ballet

'Stars of the White Nights Festival: La Bayadere, Swan Lake': Kevin Ng

"Her Nikiya was again a revelation. In Act 1 she was exquisite in the dance with her slave, which was one of the better additions of this Soviet production. After the wedding divertissements in Act 2, her solo with the basket of flowers with the fatal snake hidden inside was totally mesmerising."

Dutch Reviews

Dutch National Ballet

'Nijinsky: Dancer, Clown, God': L E Butler

"Pastor only falters when he stops trusting the audience and starts overstating the story. One senses his anxiety that the dance alone does not suffice; too often, the flow is interrupted so that some narrative exposition can be shoe-horned in. He would do well to abandon the moments of broad pantomime, giving us instead more of his raw, tender, surprising choreography."

Diaries and weblogs

Dane Hurst weblog...
'Price, Prize and Priviledge'
"People talk about The Place Prize with an equal measure of disdain and excitement; some say that dance cannot be measured by points or votes and that it is a shame for there to be winners and losers in a non competitive medium; others say that it is an amazing investment in new talent that creates a sense of excitement and anticipation and raises the profile for dance as an artform. I tend to agree with both of these views."
(weblog home)

Rym Kechacha weblog...
In August 2008 Rym joined Northern Ballet after training at the Central School of Ballet in London and where she first kept a weblog for us.
'Blame it on the boogie'
"All throughout August we have been rehearsing so hard that I didn’t have time to write. And even if I had stolen some minutes, all I could have said was ‘Rehearsed swans. It’s very hard. My feet hurt.’ And that’s unbearably tedious for both me and you" (weblog home)

Weblog writers
Madame Galina
Dane Hurst
Rym Kechacha
Matthew Lawrence
Jarkko Lehmus
Kristen McNally Magazine
For October 2010

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Interviews & Features

Philip Mosley
Artistic Administrator and Character Artist, Royal Ballet

Philip Mosley was a guest of the Ballet Association back in April 2009 and a wonderfully full report has recently emerged...

Postcard from Oz
Australian Ballet's 2011 Season

Valerie Lawson casts an eye over the just released details of Australian Ballet's 2011 season - something old, something new...

Nathalie Harrison
and James Wilkie
First Artists, The Royal Ballet

Nathalie Harrison & James Wilkie were guests of the Ballet Association back in October 2009 and a full report has recently emerged...

'A new image
for an old favourite'
It's now Northern Ballet not Northern Ballet Theatre.
Northern Ballet dancer and blogger Rym Kechacha explains from an insider's point of view the renaming of the company...

In the Galleries

Currently our Images Gallery contains approximately 7300 images.

Royal Ballet

London, Covent Garden
photographed by John Ross

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
The Hunt

London, Sadler's Wells
photographed by John Ross

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

London, Sadler's Wells
photographed by John Ross

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo
Dying Swan, Raymonda's Wedding

London, Peacock
photographed by John Ross

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo

London, Peacock
photographed by John Ross

Diaghilev and the Golden Age
of the Ballets Russes, 1909-1929

Exhibition, Sept 2010 - Jan 2011

London, V&A Museum
photographed by John Ross

South Korean Dance
Quarterly Roundup

Korea National Ballet
and Universal Ballet

South Korea
photographed by Sunkyung Jang

UK Reviews reviews entered between 01/09/10 and 30/09/10 will be included here...

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

London - 'Programme 1': Bruce Marriott

"It's the dancers, stupid!" Alvin Ailey opened their UK tour at Saddler's Wells earlier this week and if anybody asks why they should go that's the emphatic answer. The kicker however is that the movement repertoire is repetitive...."

London - 'Programme 2': Margaret Willis

"That sensational piece (Revelations) confirms the exalted and sacred reputation the company holds in the dance world and it sent us off to catch our buses and trains with senses satisfied and souls full of joy and gratitude."

Birmingham Royal Ballet

'Pointes of View': Bruce Marriott

"The best partnerships have a real frisson and that's what Natasha Oughtred and Jamie Bond have in spades (in Concerto). He has the whiff of Thomas Edur in looks and demeanor and she is coolly precise but there are hints of molten lava within."


'Shoes': Graham Watts

"... but I'm rather hoping that Sadler's Wells puts this experiment into a shoebox marked 'tried it and made some money' and gets back to the cutting edge dance and dance theatre upon which it's admirable reputation is built."

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo (TROCKS)

'Programmes 1 & 2': Bruce Marriott

"Whenever I leave a Trocks show I'm always, always, happy. I can't say this of any other company. Blokes dressed as ballerinas is intrinsically a fun idea but to think of the Trocks just as a travesty company, hairy chests and pratfalls etc is all wrong. I love all this stuff but what also thrills me are the actual dance performances I've seen, the cleverness and subtlety of their observations and the sheer technical dedication of all involved. They know their stuff."

Royal Ballet Dancers

'Ashanti Gala - A Dream of Africa': Bruce Marriott

"Grand Pas de Quatre is quirky to our eyes: a 2010 revival of a 1941 view of what may have happened in 1845. We think big stars and ballet and we think fireworks but this is much more subtle stuff and I liked the ambiance of both the work and all the acting going on. It's a good piece for RB dancers and I hope it is performed again."

Royal Opera House
Deloitte Ignite 2010

Joanna MacGregor's 'Lying Down Concert': Lynette Halewood

"The music was presented as an interwoven stream, with no breaks for applause. ... It certainly made me think of the hall and that venue in a different way."

Phoenix Dance Theatre

'Deloitte Ignite 2010: Maybe Yes Maybe, Maybe No Maybe': Bruce Marriott

"Exuberant and funny, it swept us all along on a sunny tide. A classy piece that everybody from 6 to 96 could enjoy."

Royal Ballet

'Deloitte Ignite 2010: Consolations, Duplicity': Bruce Marriott

"Clare Calvert and Ryoichi Hirano looked wonderful in the Ondiviela - absolutely assured in a piece without ugliness. The Scarlett looked deeper and more complex but made less of a mark in the time and space available."

Freddie Opoku-Addaie

'Deloitte Ignite 2010: Scratch Love': Bruce Marriott

"...this was a modern hoodie take on it with the love of couples and the absorbing love of self. Pleasant..."

Sarah Dowling

'Deloitte Ignite 2010: Forest Sale': Bruce Marriott

"It sounded like a fair idea but sadly rather struggled with an all-pervading amateur feel..."

Place Prize 2010

Semi-Final 1 (and Preview 1)
Freddie Opoku-Addaie and Frauke Requardt

'Fidelity Project': Libby Costello

"Requardt and Opoku-Addaie deservedly claimed the audience vote and Fidelity Project will hopefully be gracing the stage for the Place Prize Final – it definitely gets my vote."

'Preview: Fidelity Project': Bruce Marriott

"Hit of the night with me and the audience as good dancers collided with interesting idea and design."

Dane Hurst

'WW3': Libby Costello

"This amazing dancer/choreographer was exquisite to watch but the unnecessary props, coupled with the clumsy transitions between their use and the more lyrical dance sections, left an unsatisfied feeling..."

'Preview: WW3': Bruce Marriott

"The sections in the first half with Dane rolling and capering on, and near, the floor are mesmerising as pure dance. Although everything was delivered with absolute conviction the problem is I don't know what this work was about..."

Saiju Hari

'The Program': Libby Costello

"All very big brother but nicely executed."

'Preview: The Program': Bruce Marriott

"There was one powerful section where the inner demons and indecision of a man were echoed by a dancer behind him, as if the man's aura. However I don't know what this piece was about, and that's annoying."

Vera Tussing

'The Icarus Project': Libby Costello

"As a concept this was interesting but ultimately it's failure to say anything about the sound of dance, rather then just demonstrate it, led to an unmemorable piece."

'Preview: The Icarus Project': Bruce Marriott

"Oh dear - I thought this was perfectly grim."

Place Prize, Semi-Final 2
Lost Dog

'It Needs Horses': Graham Watts

"I knew from the immediate opening visual impact of Lost Dog's 'It Needs Horses' that it was a sure-fire bet to win the audience vote."

Robert Graham

'Aftermath': Graham Watts

"The work had interesting lighting and sound and a clear purpose; more than this, it had - by far - the most difficult dance content of the evening..."

Henrietta Hale

'Hinterview': Graham Watts

"I enjoyed the first section of Henrietta Hale's 'Hinterview' albeit for a very personal reason. The whole of the opening was (perhaps unwittingly) like watching Hale fencing against an unseen opponent."

Simon Ellis

'Desire Lines': Graham Watts

"It was a sweet and intimate portrait of desire lines that was occasionally surprising and always well performed but, again, as with the preceding work it lacked any obvious cohesion between its constituent parts."

Place Prize, Semi-Final 3
Eva Recacha

'Begin to Begin - a piece about dead ends': Graham Watts

"In each year of The Place Prize, thus far, there has been a work that does not overtly dominate the audience reaction but nevertheless captures the judges' attention and I think that either Recacha or Ellis might be that entry in 2010."

Vangelis Legakis

'Three Sighs to Beauty': Graham Watts

" Unfortunately, this was a work that started as a 4 and ended in a downwards spiral towards a 1."

Darren Ellis

'From the Waist Up': Graham Watts

"I found myself later wanting to see this piece again, which is always a good sign of a potential “sleeper” that grows in its appeal."

Conor Doyle

'Crow in Eden': Graham Watts

"...overall there was simply too much to take in amongst a vast array of coinciding action that didn't appear to have any co-ordinated purpose. Less would have been a lot more."

Place Prize, Semi-Final 4
Ricardo Buscarini and Antonio De La Fe Guedes

'Cameo': Graham Watts

"Much of the success of the work lay in its clever integration of lighting (designed by Michael Mannion) and soundtrack. It is a work that seems to reward subsequent viewings, which is always a good sign."

Drew McOnie

'Slaughter': Graham Watts

"It is a tough ask to take on Balanchine but McOnie's choreography for 'Slaughter' is energetic, jazzy and catches the murderous mood of the title..."

Deborah Light

'Cortex': Graham Watts

"...performed with an admirable integrity, but it was ultimately too lightweight to be a serious challenger for the Finals."

Rachel Lopez De La Nieta

'The Devil and the Details': Graham Watts

"I loved it when De La Nieta – bereft of any ideas – asks her dancer to just practice his bows and curtain call while she thinks up the next move!"

Postings Reviews section
New York City Ballet 'Monumentum Pro Gesualdo' bill: CatherineC
Royal Ballet 'DanceEast 1st Anniversary Gala': Norman Reynolds
Dutch National Ballet 'DanceEast 1st Anniversary Gala: Solo (Van Manen)': Norman Reynolds
English National Ballet 'DanceEast 1st Anniversary Gala: Two': Norman Reynolds
Deaf Men Dancing 'DanceEast 1st Anniversary Gala: Elvis, Tick Tock': Norman Reynolds
Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo 'ChopEniana' bill: Helen Brewer
Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo 'ChopEniana' bill: Ian Macmillan
Northern Ballet 'Dangerous Liaisons': Janet McNulty
Northern Ballet 'Ballet On Briggate: Swan Lake excerpts, Nutcracker excerpts': Janet McNulty
Northern Ballet Academy 'Ballet On Briggate: prestation of class': Janet McNulty
Phoenix Academy 'Ballet On Briggate: Firebird excerpt': Janet McNulty

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