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Kenneth MacMillan
International Celebration

commencing October 2002

MacMillan discusion forum

Introduction to the Celebration

Heritage and heirlooms by Susie Crow

Revealing MacMillan Conference

Revealing MacMillan Website

The Outsider, Theatre Museum exhibition

MacMillan on Television, NFT

Macmillan's Reviews and Works

Calendar of events

RB and the Celebration

ENB and the Celebration

Kenneth MacMillan probably did more than anybody to make ballet relevant to people.

He was often hard-hitting but he seemed to connect with everybody, be they lifelong fans or more occasional dance goers. His work is now more internationally known than ever before and it's very fitting that 10 years after his untimely death there is an international celebration of MacMillan's life and works.

This page is the hub of our coverage of all the celebrations and we will regularly update it as the months progress. Events commence in October 2002 and here are the initial details of all that is planned. Let's all enjoy the wealth he left us...

Painting of Kenneth by Deborah MacMillan

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