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We update these words generally once per year. Here is the view in December 2004

A well loved company that invest much in new work, for the most part by director David Bintley, while respecting the traditional repertoire of the 19th and 20th centuries.

In David Bintley, and Peter Wright before, BRB have been blessed with two well-respected Artistic Directors who have given the company a firm identity and a clear future of their own, separate from the Royal Ballet in whose shadow they stood for too long - not so now.

Of all the touring companies, BRB probably has the widest repertoire and this, coupled with a feeling of the dancers all mucking in together no matter what the piece, makes them a pleasure to see. Recently the company have also been undertaking some touring to smaller venues in the UK - an excellent initiative. Also good to see them in London again after an absence of some years. It would however be nice to see the company helping grow young choreographic talent.

The Birmingham audience are fabulous, if noisy at times, and for those tired of the poshness of London and the Royal Opera House a trip to Birmingham is a real tonic.

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