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Following Sir Fred's Steps - Ashton’s Legacy. Edited by Stephanie Jordan & Andrée Grau. First Published by Dance Books in 1996. ISBN 1 85273 047 1

The original book cover (above) shows Frederick Ashton rehearsing Nadia Nerina and David Blair in La Fille mal gardée. Photograph © by Zoë Dominic.

Following Sir Fred’s Steps

Ashton’s Legacy

Edited by Stephanie Jordan & Andrée Grau

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Internet publication by in conjunction with:

Roehampton University
Centre for Dance Research

It is with great pleasure that publishes the internet edition of Following Sir Fred’s Steps,  based on the papers, talks and practical workshops given at the Ashton Conference held at Roehampton University in November 1994.

This was a unique event which brought together a variety of rich perspectives on Frederick Ashton and his ballets, combining the first-hand accounts of his closest collaborators with analytic discussion of his choreography, technique and style.  The outcome was an enriched dialogue between different dance specialists: performers, choreographers, notators, scholars and critics.

Following Sir Fred’s Steps had been out of print for several years. Its publication online stemmed from's wish both to make an appropriate contribution to the Ashton centenary celebrations and to ensure that an important resource for students of Ashton remained easily accessible. This new edition coincides with a notable revival of interest in the choreographer and his work, the recent foundation of the Ashton Trust, and the Royal Ballet's landmark Ashton 100 season.  

Publication on the internet has been made possible by the generosity of the editors, Stephanie Jordan and Andrée Grau,  of the individual authors and contributors, and of the original publisher, David Leonard of Dance Books.

Ashton’s ballets  are an important part of the story of theatre dance in the twentieth century. Following Sir Fred’s Steps makes an eloquent case for his legacy and it is the single largest online resource for the study of a ballet choreographer. It is one of unique authority consisting, as it does, of contributions from Frederick Ashton’s nearest associates and from the leading scholars of his work.


Following Sir Fred’s Steps © 2005 Stephanie Jordan and Andrée Grau
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