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Subject: "Ferri Bonino Legris - Ferrara, Teatro Comunale, January 28th" Archived thread - Read only
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29-01-06, 09:37 PM (GMT (ST))
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"Ferri Bonino Legris - Ferrara, Teatro Comunale, January 28th"
   When I bought a ticket for the gala in Ferrara gathering Alessandra Ferri, Laurent Hilaire and Manuel Legris I was worried for the age and consistency of these three stars, who lately cancelled many performances due to injuries. Laurent Hilaire couldn’t take part in this gala and the planned program had to be heavily changed. Instead of Béjart’s “Songs of a Wayfarer” we had Luigi Bonino dancing Petit’s “Charlot danses avec nous”. Gone the nostalgic mood of the two POB dancers in the masterpiece created for Nureyev, the main interest of the evening was the comeback of the partnership Ferri-Legris and the discovery of 4 young POB dancers. Beside the solo “Angel” created for him by Renato Zanella, Manuel Legris was one of the interpreters of a section of Zanella’s “Alles Walzer”, together with Audric Bézard and Mathias Heymann. His charisma inspired his young fellows and the three were irresistible. Alessandra Ferri and Manuel Legris danced two different pdd set in a bedchamber, the first one from Petit’s Carmen and the second one from MacMillan’s Manon. They were simply fantastic in both. One of the solos in the program, Béjart’s “Sept danses grecques”, formerly assigned to Hilaire, was danced by a convincing Audric Bézard. Tha cast was completed by two soloists, Laura Hecquet and Mathilde Froustey, the former as Odile in the White Swan pdd and in “Grand Pas Classique”, the second in the brilliant “Stars and Stripes” and “Le corsaire”. Both are a perfect example of the French school, with long limbs, quick footwork, and elegant style. Great success for everyone.

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