Kristen McNally

Kristen McNally is a Soloist and choreographer with the Royal Ballet. To say she is fresh and fun would be a huge understatement...

Can’t sleep, Won’t sleep

by Kristen McNally July 1, 2011 Blogs
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It’s 5am and I’m in a strange bed watching the same episode of 90210 I saw eight hours ago. In fact, in the last 48 hours I’ve seen more TV than I have in the past year. Well that’s what it feels like. In no particular order I’ve watched China Town, four episodes of 90210, [...]

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My Twisted Fantasy………

by Kristen McNally April 11, 2011 Blogs
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Although for the next three weeks i’ll be catching up on the last three weeks lack of sleep, my Apple Store experience will be something i’ll treasure forever. I admit that I’m a bit of a control freak and so the uncharted territory of creating on the spot in front of hundreds of people terrified [...]

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Blog 8

by Kristen McNally April 8, 2011 Blogs
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I’m making a piece for the Apple Store in Covent Garden to be performed this saturday and it’s very apparent that I’m finding it extremely difficult to multitask!!

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Blog 7

by Kristen McNally December 21, 2010 Blogs
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I absolutely love my job, so you would be right to question why today I’m sat here contemplating sickness, injury, flat emergency or anything else that would excuse me from tonight’s Cinderella performance. Quite frankly I have no idea how I’ll cope knowing that as Prokofiev fills our auditorium, Sex on fire will be filling [...]

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Blog 6

by Kristen McNally December 15, 2010 Blogs
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I’m so annoyed and disappointed and irritated and angry and upset, and any other words to that effect, with myself tonight. Arrrggghhhhh…………….. We have a programme of Insight Evenings at the Opera House which allow the public to see the Royal Ballet away from the main stage in a much more intimate setting. These events [...]

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Blog 5

by Kristen McNally November 3, 2010 Blogs
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I have always had a secret ambition to one day belong on a top 50 list! The most desired lists that my ridiculous imaginings picture are the ones I have absolutely nothing in common with. For a fairyland second I amuse myself and think how I could switch careers to get on one. I’ve been [...]

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Earlier Kristen McNally Blogs…

by Kristen McNally November 2, 2010 Blogs
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Earlier Kristen McNally blogs can be found here: Kristen McNally Blog Archive

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