Jarkko Lehmus

Jarkko Lehmus is from Finland, danced with Scottish Ballet for a while and is now freelance. He can be a little outspoken...

Work and Meditation – Spring and Summer 2011

by Jarkko Lehmus September 14, 2011 Blogs
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I’ve offended people, created problems and most likely lost a few jobs too because what I’ve said in the public, but I’ve just so had it with the political correctness rubbish and I have massive problems with keeping my gob shut when things are going up shit creek.

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Polar Tomfoolery

by Jarkko Lehmus March 23, 2011 Blogs
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This has been by far the longest break from writing I have had since I started this blog. Apologies for that. There have been some very good reasons for it.”

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Earlier Jarkko Lehmus Blogs…

by Jarkko Lehmus March 22, 2011 Blogs
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Earlier Jarkko Lehmus blogs, which go back to December 2003, can be found here: Jarkko Lehmus Blog Archive buy viagra Viagra For Men levitra versus viagrabuy viagra online www,aopa,co generic viagraviagra for women Cialis From Canada viagra uk

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