Balletco is now in Archive – Hail DanceTabs

by Bruce Marriott on March 6, 2012

At the end of January 2012 Balletco closed to further enhancement and is now effectively in archive. The 15+ years of accumulated material will remain as a resource and nothing should be lost. Read more at:
Balletco going into archive

As of 5 February 2012 a new web magazine opened for business called DanceTabs ( and if you liked Balletco’s reviews, galleries and other features then you will like DanceTabs. See the site at:

or read more:
DanceTabs: a new Magazine (initial announcement)
DanceTabs About Us page

The Balletco Facebook page will remain open and future news about the process of taking the site into archive will be given there. Other interaction can happen there also – though purely about the site as an archive. The Balletco Twitter account will be renamed to DanceTabs since there is little Balletco news to relate and DanceTabs is where magazine coverage continues – we think that is what people want to know about.

The Balletco Forum is no more but a new forum has been taken live (see Balletco Forum Available Again plus Opportunity to Discuss Future) and is being paid for for 3 months by Bruce Marriott. The idea is that the community can discuss the future as well as talk about ballet and dance as normal. A committee was formed to draw strands together, or conclude otherwise. It’s not yet clear what the thinking is but there are hopeful signs. Decisions are needed by 20 March 2012 when the funding stops and the forum will otherwise close. For the latest position see the forum at:

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