Thursday, 19 January 2012 – 13 Links

by John Mallinson on January 19, 2012

Links today from: New York City Ballet; Mariinsky Ballet; Bill T. Jones and Houston Ballet previews; Pina and Royal Ballet DVD reviews and more…

REVIEW:   New York City Ballet
Curtain Rises on a Season Aloft
The Steadfast Tin Soldier, Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux, Who Cares, Le Tombeau de Couperin
USA, New York, David H. Koch Theater
Dancers: Bouder, Fairchild M, Peck, Ulbricht, Veyette
by Claudia La Rocco
“opening night … was an oddly low-energy and at times ragged affair. It had its highlights, to be sure, but the overall feel was dispiriting, in stark contrast to the generally marvelous onstage spirits that the dancers have exhibited in recent seasons.”
New York Times

REVIEW:   Mariinsky Ballet
Mariinsky Ballet shines in Fokine program
Russian Seasons: Chopiniana, The Firebird, Scheherazade
USA, Washington, Kennedy Center
Dancers: Kondaurova, Korsuntsev, Lopatkina, Ostreikovskaya
by Sarah Kaufman
“several of the performances were quite wonderful, particularly Xenia Ostreykovskaya in the tender Prelude role in Chopiniana. There was suppleness and breath in her dancing, and great delicacy. And, a sense of the body harmonizing with the Chopin, and with its candlelight mood.”
Washington Post

REVIEW:   Russian State Ballet of Siberia
UK, Oxford, New Theatre
Dancers: Kuimova, Litvinenko
by David Bellan
“I have admired Maria Kuimova … for some years now, but had never seen her Giselle. She did not disappoint.”
Oxford Times

Preview: Story/Time, Jones channels Cage?
Bill T. Jones Takes a Turn on the Stage in New Work
by Felicia R. Lee
“Story/Time, a co-commission of Peak Performances and the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis was inspired by the composer John Cage’s Indeterminacy, first performed in 1958, a series of one-minute spoken-word stories that was different each time it was performed and was eventually recorded as an album.”
New York Times

Preview: Stanton Welch’s Cinderella for Houston Ballet
Cinderella: She’s No Disney Princess, But She’s a Real Role Model
by Marene Gustin
“It’s a very feminist ballet,” Welch says. “What do you want to tell your daughter today? That someday someone will come along and save you, or that someday you’ll have a wonderful life of your own?”
Playbill Arts

Company C Contemporary Ballet turns 10, flying high
by Claudia Bauer
“First there were the all-ballerina shows, because Company C didn’t have any male dancers yet. Then came the all-leotard performances, because that’s what the costume budget allowed. And always, there was the multitasking.”
San Francisco Chronicle

Tony Nominee Adam Cooper on His Leap from Ballet to Musicals in London’s Singin’ in the Rain
by Matt Wolf
“Cooper is set to returen to the West End’s Palace Theatre on February 4 as the above-the-title star of the latest stage production of Singin’ in the Rain, first seen last summer at the Chichester Festival Theatre.”

Preview: Edouard Lock’s New Work
La La La Human Steps embarks on a labyrinth of memory and myth
by Kevin Griffin
“Ballet technique is amply able to carry contemporary themes. If the technique is to survive, it has to be a living technique. It has to somehow correspond to the contemporary world and not just reference older work.”
Vancouver Sun

Wim Wenders films Pina Bausch
by Marcia B. Siegel
“Shot in breathtaking 3D, Pina treats dance with an expansiveness never seen before on screen.”
Boston Phoenix. Also reviewed in Bay Area Reporter and Huffington Post

DVD review: Three Ballets by Kenneth MacMillan
by Steven Ritter
“The Royal Ballet, with its close association with Macmillan, renders a superb tribute to its former director on a highly-desirable disc recorded wonderfully and in resplendent high-def video, nicely captured by sensitive and appropriate camerawork.”
Audiophile Audition

ABT dancers talk about dancing, what they wear – stuff like that

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