Sergei Polunin leaving Royal Ballet – instantly

by admin on January 24, 2012

Sergei Polunin in Rhapsody (Lara Turk and Dawid Trezensimiech below).
© Dave Morgan. Click image for larger version, or one that fills the browser window.

24 JANUARY 2012

A statement from The Royal Ballet

Dame Monica Mason announced this afternoon that Principal Sergei Polunin has resigned from The Royal Ballet with immediate effect.

Born in the Ukraine, Sergei joined The Royal Ballet in 2007 from The Royal Ballet School. He rose rapidly through the ranks and was promoted to Principal at the end of the 2009/ 10 season aged just 19.

Sergei Polunin and Tamara Rojo in Theme and Variations.
© John Ross. Click image for larger version, or one that fills the browser window.

Speaking about the announcement, Monica Mason said: “This has obviously come as a huge shock, Sergei is a wonderful dancer and I have enjoyed watching him tremendously, both on stage and in the studio, tremendously over the past few years. I wish him every success in the future.”

Sergei Polunin and Lauren Cuthbertson in Dances at a Gathering (May 2008). © John Ross.


Paul Arrowsmith January 24, 2012 at 22:41

Scarcely a surprise for such a raw talent.

I’ve seen Polunin dance everybody else off the stage (in Voluntaries and Symphony in C) and be wayward (Ballo della regina).

His debuts in classical roles have been uneven. His Solor was mightily impressive, his prince in Sleeping Beauty much less so.

In Alice’s Adventures, the choreography didn’t particularly utilise Polunin’s abilities – and he did not make much of an impression.

Clearly Polunin thinks he has big feet – I hope that he will find the big shoes that will fit him well.

His departure highlights again how few performance opportunities principals have at the RB. Their urge – and need – to perform has to be indulged with guest appearances elsewhere.

But one man’s departure creates opportunities for others.

I hope Johannes Stepanek gets his chance in Month in the Country.

David January 28, 2012 at 10:40

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