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by Ian Macmillan on January 14, 2012

Links today from: Mariinsky, PM on dance?, Hofesh Schecter’s “Survivor,” RB, ENB, Bolshoi & Tsiskaridze and many more…..

Washington DC Preview: Mariinsky Ballet’s Fokine works
History revisited
by Sarah Kaufman
“We may think of these works, well-known as they are, as omnipresent in the ballet world. But it has been nearly a quarter-century since “Chopiniana” was danced at the Kennedy Center, and more than 30 years since the Fokine “Firebird” (many others came after him) or “Scheherazade.””
Washington Post

When will David Cameron make a song and dance about song and dance?
The Week in Arts
by David Lister
“This isn’t a little niche area. Dance is massively popular. But can you imagine the astonishment if Mr Cameron were to follow up his visit to Pinewood and his film speech with a visit to a Royal Ballet class at Covent Garden to hold forth on extending the repertoire?”

REVIEW:   Hofesh Shechter
An army of drummers cannot save this experiment between the choreographer-composer and the artist, which is let down by Shechter’s score
UK, London, Barbican
by Judith Mackrell
“Survivor does feel like a true and interesting experiment, one from which both its creators are likely to profit in subsequent work. But in its current form it’s just a pot boiler…”

REVIEW:   Hofesh Shechter
3 stars
UK, London, Barbican
by Mark Monahan
“What follows is a grand, sprawling, chaotic piece with some truly stunning sequences, a fair old bit of padding and a drizzle of pretension. ……In fairness to Shechter, he always insisted that Survivor would be more a beefed-up concert than a dance show. ”
Daily Telegraph

REVIEW:   Hofesh Shechter
2 stars
UK, London, Barbican
by John L Walters
“His newest piece, Survivor, a 75-minute audiovisual work, is a collaboration with Antony Gormley, and is not so much dance as live art or minimalist “opera”.”

REVIEW:   Royal Ballet
4 stars
Romeo and Juliet
UK, London, Covent Garden
Dancers: Acosta, Avis, McGorian, Rojo, Stepanek
by Louise Levene
“Tamara Rojo and Carlos Acosta have been cast together as Shakespeare’s lovers for six years now, and while the fit is as perfect as ever, there’s something slightly ‘‘married’’ about the great pas de deux, which offered none of the grabby desperation one sees in the thrilling early days of a partnership.”
Sunday Telegraph

REVIEW:   English National Ballet
Derek Deane and the ENB bring the swing to the London Coliseum very successfully
Strictly Gershwin
UK, London, Coliseum
Dancers: Berlanga, Cao, Chalendard, Glurdjidze, Konvalina, Muntagirov, Streeter
by Louise Levene
“Deane’s routines may not be the ideal showcase for Zdenek Konvalina and Vadim Muntagirov, but these pedigree princes give a thoroughbred classical gloss to their material, and the jazz idiom obliges them to dance brighter, louder and sexier. Who really could ask for any more?”
Sunday Telegraph

Bolshoi administration steps into dancer scandal
The Bolshoi’s director general refutes Tsiskaridze’s dismissal claim
by Alina Lobzina
““No one is going to fire Nikolai Tsiskaridze, who was, and is, to remain Bolshoi Theatre’s soloist,” Iksanov told the news agency Itar-Tass. The discharge of Tsiskaridze’s pedagogical part-time contract was in order to give a full-time job to an instructor, he added.”
Moscow News

REVIEW:   Scottish Ballet
The Sleeping Beauty
UK, Edinburgh, Festival Theatre
Dancers: Robertson
by Josie Balfour
“Bringing a meditative quality to the classic work, choreographer Ashley Page has focussed on melding a number of different tellings of the work into one evolving piece….. Thus the dancers take centre stage rather than Tchaikovsky’s often eccentric narrative.”

REVIEW:   Kate Weare
In the Garden
Focus Dance: Garden
USA, New York, Joyce Theater
Dancers: Gillespie, Kraus, Murphy, Wheeler
by Deborah Jowitt
“The dancing in Garden creates terrifyingly expressive, yet elusive images. Trying to interpret them is less important than soaking them up.”
Arts Journal

REVIEW:   Anneke Hansen
Three Women Dancing
USA, New York, University Settlement
Dancers: Hansen, Pierce, McAtamney
by Deborah Jowitt
“The three women move sensitively together, despite their individual qualities. Pierce, like Hansen, worked with Rudner at Sarah Lawrence, and is only slightly tauter than Hansen, while Irish, ballet-trained McAtamney is more introverted—a bit less at ease than the other two. I like watching all three.”
Arts Journal

REVIEW:   Ann Liv Young
A Fairy Tale Princess Who Takes Bathroom Breaks
Sleeping Beauty Part 1
USA, New York, Abrons Arts Center
Dancers: Guerrero, Young, Van Dusen
by Brian Seibert
“….and after rising, sitting on the toilet again and drinking more water, Ms. Young went into a fervent lap dance for a blow-up Prince Charming doll tied to a seat in the front row…….And that was the show, followed by an opportunity to have your photograph taken with Sleeping Beauty for two bucks.”
New York Times

REVIEW:   Meg Stuart
Forget About a Paper Moon: This Swan’s Cardboard
USA, New York, New York Live Arts
Dancers: Camacho, Hurtado, Nishiwaki
by Claudia La Rocco
“Ms. Stuart frequently plays with the oblique and the tedious, often with thoughtful results. But at a certain point on Thursday my experience shifted from feeling caught up within the poetic vagaries of a live work to constructing, from a remove, intellectual hypotheses about it.”
New York Times

REVIEW:   Contingency Plan
The Contingency Plan’s latest program shows off the troupe’s versatility
Las Tres Marias, Adhere
Canada, Vancouver, Firehall Arts Centre
Dancers: Goodman, Osborne, Fitzner
by Janet Smith
“And in the end, Adhere felt like a series of studies, an experiment in moods that was stronger in its lone bits than its final section of group work when it began to lose its simple, clear focus.”

Preview: 7th Prague Ballet Gala
Internationally renowned dancers pirouette into Prague
by Johana Muckova
“But Valdés is only one performer on the star-studded program; it is certain that the seventh annual Prague Ballet Gala will offer dance fans a great evening’s entertainment.”
Prague Post



Simonetta Dixon January 14, 2012 at 15:38

In Louise Levene’s critique she mentions some ‘exciting new debuts’ coming up in R&J in the spring, including that of Lauren Cuthbertson. Just to clarify, Lauren has been dancing Juliet for years, so her upcoming performances in March certainly do not include her debut.

Simonetta Dixon January 14, 2012 at 15:43

As a matter of fact, it was after a performance of R&J in June 2008 that both Lauren and Rupert Pennefather were promoted to Principals.

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