Answers to the last Balletco Quiz of the Year – 2011

by Jane Simpson on January 30, 2012

The last Balletco Quiz of the Year – 2011
The answers…

The original questions page is here

Moving up, moving on

Which companies promoted these 3 dancers to principals?

Cory Stearns…..ABT
J’aime Crandall…..Royal Danish Ballet
Ekaterina Shipulina…..Bolshoi Ballet

Which dancers made these company moves?

National Ballet of Canada to English National Ballet…..Bridgett Zehr and Zdenek Konvalina
Birmingham Royal Ballet to the Royal Ballet…..Alexander Campbell
ABT to the Bolshoi…..David Hallberg

More Paul Taylor = A Better World

Which companies danced these works for the first time?

Roses…..Rambert Dance Company
Arden Court…..Alvin Ailey
Gossamer Gallants…..Paul Taylor Dance Company


Which offstage sensation dominated the ballet world in 1961?…..
Rudolf Nureyev’s ‘leap to freedom’

Which composer, whose music Kenneth MacMillan used for one of his most respected ballets, died in 1911?…..
Gustav Mahler

One of the most famous dancers of the 20th century was born in 1911 – half of a great partnership, who was she?…..
Ginger Rogers

Away from Home

London in Hamburg: what was the name of the character Alina Cojocaru created for John Neumeier?… Julie

Copenhagen in London: which Danish dancer made his London debut as Mercutio?… Alban Lendorf

Stuttgart in Paris: whose injury led to Evan Mckie’s surprise (and triumphant) debut in POB’s Onegin?…. Nicolas le Riche’s

A Trio of Trios

Whose productions of Sleeping Beauty were performed this year by these 3 companies?
Houston Ballet….. Ben Stevenson’s
Royal New Zealand Ballet….. Gary Harris and Greg Horsman’s
Mikhailowsky Ballet?….. Nacho Duato’s

Which 3 choreographers made the works for Sylvie Guillem’s 6,000 Miles Away programme?…..
William Forsythe, Jiri Kylian and Mats Ek

Who wrote the scores for these 3 new works?
Ocean’s Kingdom
….. Paul McCartney
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland….. Joby Talbot
Liliom…..Michel Legrand

And finally…

… as this is our last quiz, a question about us. Which of the following has NOT been interviewed for

Paul Taylor
Siobhan Davies
Kim Brandstrup
Alexei Ratmansky
Christopher Wheeldon
Rafael Bonachela

Sylvie Guillem
Natalia Osipova
Alina Cojocaru
Ashley Bouder
Diana Vishneva
Alessandra Ferri
Irek Mukhamedov
David Hallberg
Roberto Bolle
Carlos Acosta
Li Cunxin
Adam Cooper

Monica Mason
Nikolai Hubbe
David Bintley
Reid Anderson
Mark Baldwin
The Ballet Boyz

The odd one out, perhaps surprisingly, is Monica Mason.


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