10 Nov 2015: I'd love to say that this is all in-hand and much work is being done etc, but it's not at the moment. It remains my intention to bring Balletco Archive back, but other things have priority just now. It is significant work to properly put Balletco into long term archive (striped of technology that can be attacked or needs constant update) and the priorities will be getting the magazines back on-line and the picture galleries. With those sorted I'll look at the other aspects of what became a sprawling and diverse site, including the old forum conversations. Look forward to saying more around Christmas. And if I can say something before I will.

12 Aug 20162015: The Ballet.co.uk Archive is having to move server to make it easier and less costly to look after for the longer term. It's going to take a while - do forgive us. Look forward to having more to say at the beginning of September.